Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Click to Submit Your Article To Hundreds Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Would you like to submit your article to hundreds of social bookmarking sites with just a single click of your mouse? Get more traffic to your blog or website and also get your article to be indexed by Google in less than a minute….
As a matter of fact there are at least three hundred social bookmarking sites on the internet that many people are using to submit their articles. Well, in order to submit your article you have to add each website on your tool bar one at a time which is time consuming. It is also very time consuming to submit your articles to each and every one of these websites. Instead of down loading each of these websites on your Google tool bar, just sign up with social and you will be able to drag and drop the icon to your tool bar to create a social bookmarking submission tool.
What Will Social Book Marker.Com Do For You?
Well, it will not only submit your articles to over a hundred different social bookmarking site in less than a minute but it will also increase traffic to your blog/websites, Google will index your article and you will also get backlink going to you site as well. It’s a very powerful tool that helps to promote and drives lots of traffics to your blog. makes it much easier for you when submitting your article to hundreds of social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble upon, Face-book, My space, and Twitter. The good news is it’s also 100 percent free. Although, social marker runs well with most of the major web browsers it runs best with fire-fox.
How To Use Social Bookmarker.Com?
After you have drag and drop the icon of social bookmarking to your Google tool bar. One click from your mouse is all you need to submit your articles to 50 of the best social bookmarking websites on the net. So all you need to do after creating a free account with them just fill out a simple form with all the information such as the title, url, a summary of your article and your keywords. Then simple click the submit button and look at the left hand corner of your computer screen and you will see which social bookmarking sites your article is being submitted to. You will see the word ‘Done’ when it is completed. Isn’t that great go to and sign up and take advantage of their free service.
How To Get Free Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website
There is another website that offers free backlinks but you will have to sign up for a free account and then they will submit your articles to 25 different article directories with just one single click from your mouse. Keep in mind that this can only be done once per day.  Although, this website is not completely free, you can refer at least 12 people and get your account automatically up graded to premium and then your articles will be submit to 1oo different article directories in less than a minute and it only takes one click of your mouse. You will also get free report for your article, blog, or website. If you want your articles to be submitted to a hundred different social bookmarking websites with one click of the mouse or if you want to get free back link for your site Click here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Get Help To Start Your Own Small Business Online

How  To Start Your Own Small Business Online

It is a fact that the success of small businesses rate has gone sky high, regardless of the widely accepted tradition to the divergent. It was reported that 79% of the small businesses are still in operation since the initial eight years from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Although, the long term development in employment is smaller but firm. As a matter of fact self employment and small business are one of the defining characteristic of America’s economic landscape, and are given a marvelous opportunity for those who are challenged by the competitive marketing labor.
Self employment has become increasingly popular as a viable employment option among disabled people. Most people with disability, self employment involves minimizing the fares as a potential business-owner, with the help of the rehabilitation and professional local small business development. If a customize approach is used there is no need for a person to ‘get ready’ to own a business. Customize self employment; mainly focus on the talent, determination, and the interests of the person as well as identifying their personal assets. Therefore, self-employment also used strength but not deficit-based outlook. 

Persons who posses all the necessary skills to own and operate a business could be a rare entrepreneur! The most important thing is identifying each person’s strengths, talents and skills as well as the support that is needed while assembling a team to facilitate self employment. Customized support is all about self employment. The basic thing is coming up with a business plan, however, a solid marketing plan, capital, and management skills is what it’s all about. In some cases an individual support might vary from person to person depending on the situation. The fact is some people will need more help with startup, while others may need support in different areas. The most crucial thing would be to provide customized supports to help these persons to move forward as business owners. 

The U.S. Small business has implement a course that covers the basics FAQ that should help each persons with a disability who are planning on starting their own online business. The appropriate course contents is strictly for people with disability and their families members who is assisting them, the rehabilitation providers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists, and others. For more info please click here.                                                                   

Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 Websites That You Can Use To Make Money Online With Your Blog

Make money with your blog online

I am going to teach you how to use your blog to generate more revenue. Well I have got the solution for all bloggers. I am going to tell you how to use these sites to generate revenue with your blog. The money may be small but it is better than getting nothing. There are many other sites on the net that you may not have heard of that can actually help you to earn money by using your blog. I have done some research on all five of these websites. But first let me just clear up any doubts that you might have these sites are all legitimate money making sites that are designed to help people who have their own websites or blog to generate an income for them. I am confident that these websites are legit and you can use them to generate some extra money with your blog/website. It all depends on the type of content on your blogs. Firstly, all you are required to do is to open an account with them and you know the best part is they are all 100% free to join isn’t that great!!!  is one of the best pay-per-click (PPC) that is very easy to use. It’s an advertising podium that will help retailers, consumer, and publishers to connect in a more significant way. AffinityClick has a software that automatically matches advertisements contextual link to your website or blog depending on its contents. So if you blog about cars, camera, education or shopping then they will automatically match your blog contents with a photography ads. They have over fifteen million different products from many retailers all around the globe they can choose from. When you sign up with them you will get a code to copy and paste into your blog. is also an online advertising network serving over 2 million monthly and they cater for advertisers and media buyers. Chitika is also a proven channel that targets online consumers and buyers that are qualified. Chitika is very easy to use podium that helps many websites and blog owners to earn daily ad revenues. What is the meaning of Chitilka? Well, Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario are the co-founders of Chitika in 2003. Their customers are able to put up ads given by Chitika on their websites or blogs. You will also receive a code for you to paste into your blog once your account is approved. is a technology that performs real-time semantic analysis your content and also the information on web pages. Their algorithm selects mainly the contextually relevant keywords phrase son each page and then turns them into hyperlinks that are connect all their users to relevant info and for thousands of their advertisers. Kontera in-text ads can be identified when links are marked with double lines. If you put your mouse over the double lines the Kontera ad information will appear immediately. When you click on the double line you will be directed to the advertiser’s sites. As I mention above after they approved your account you will get a code to insert into your blog/website. Kontera publishers normally generate revenue from their content, while the adversities will generate revenue on a Cost-Per-Click basis. has recently integrated with Blogger. This simply means the bloggers can monetize their content just by adding relevant Amazon Associates product to match the contents in their blog post without interfering with the blog’s editing process. If you don’t have an account with Blogger you can open a free account with your Associates ID and start receiving revenue right away.  How this work? Bloggers are allowed to add links and images into their blog post with two very easy steps; bloggers will be able to choose which ads they want in their blog and they are given a choice to pick between text ads or image ads or both. was founded in June 2006 and they have a headquarters in Boulder, Coloradol. The company has a reputation of being the best advertisers with over 17,000 online publishers, content networks, and commercial websites. Lijit enjoy helping their publishers to build business and make more money in the process. There inventive advertising services, and reader engagement tools enable publisher to connect their readers and better able to monetize their site. Services such as:
Advertising Services; providing their publishers with revenue stream to balance existing sales progress and help them to generate more money.
Audience Analytics; gives actionable statistics that will certainly help you to understand your reader and in turn develop better content.
Widgets and also search tools to engage your readers, reduces rebound rates, and also increase the time on your sites.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Use Squidoo Directory To Drive Traffic To You Blog/Websites

How to use Squidoo directory to promote your blog

Since Squidoo directory is a very easy to use and it rank very well with all the search engines. It’s has become a very popular article directory tool for most internet marketers. If you are interested in internet marketing then continue reading. There are three simple steps in order to do it successfully.
If you already have an account with then all you need to do is sign up with Okay whenever you write an article for be sure to include a link that leads back to your article that you wrote for Remember that both topics should be the same and it must be unique. The strategy is to get people to click on your link and generate more traffic to your articles and at the same time you will gain unique backlinks to your article and also increase your pages rank with Google. As a matter of fact if you do some keyword research before creating an article then your article will rank highly with Google.
Creating inside links between your articles is another strategy that most people don’t normally use. Actually this is a perfect method to use because it will grow your articles and at the same time drive more traffic between all the articles with similar topics. You can do this in order to boost your search engine rankings when you build an effective internal linking structure, which should be much easier to create. Google always adore sites that have an internal linking structure. For example take a look at sites like Wikipedia it has a massive amount of internal linking structure and well known by all the search engines on the internet. This method is widely used by internet marketers to grow their business and drive massive amount of traffic daily to their websites. Remember these things don’t just work overnight it will however take a little time to for your results appear.
You must inform the public about your articles by using regular communications. You can do this by either leaving your URL on forums and/or on your business card. Sharing your articles with social media networks is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word to everyone. Therefore, it should open up a variety of different source of traffic coming to visit your articles. You can promote your blog by pinging it. You will learn that promoting you article to many different article directories will certainly help to drive massive amount of traffic to you blog/website in less time than you think. It will help to generate new customers and leads but one important thing to remember you must keep in touch with all your target market.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Full time job
Blogging on the internet is a full time job especially if you want to use it as your main source of income and the best thing about it is you are able to work from home. You get the opportunity to create a brand and also build relationship with visitors if you post on a regular basis, socializing at social networks and commenting on other blogs. Of course it can be very difficult task to do because so many people are doing it too. If you are lucky you can make money from your blog within a year. However, it can take couple of years to start seeing the results that you are aiming to get. In order to start making money with your blog you need to write valuable post and that my friends will make your visitors keep coming back for more. Do you remember the old saying “give and you shall receive” we’ll take it into consideration when you sign up with the affiliate product program.
I know that the wait is very long but you have to start building a relationship before you begin to make money online. I was a guilty of that fact too. Okay let’s be realistic here, after putting so much of your time and effort into writing a valuable article for your blog and have it build back links to get more traffic coming in to our blog isn’t easy. I must admit I spent years trying to make some money blogging but I failed time and time again. But I never gave up though; I kept doing it over and over again until I finally start seeing some improvement at last. Ask yourself this question would it be easier to just write your article and make money quicker without you having to spend countless time to build friendship? And what if you can start a blog and in a few days you start making money right away?
What is it we need to do to start making money online in less than a month? Do we really need Google to make good money online? I recently read an article the other day that all the sites that are on the top page of Google are getting 45 percent of the search traffic from the keywords. Picture yourself dominating Google with your keyword that has at least $2 CPC, if only just monetize that site alone with adsense chances are you’ll be making a very good amount of money each month. If you want to make money online Google is the best place to start. Probably, you are thinking that you will never get your blog on the top page of Google, but you can and in less than a month of starting your blog too.
Let me explain a few things, the main reason most people are finding it very difficult to rank in Google for our chosen keywords it’s because you have choosing the target niche that are either too broad and/or the competition is too high. To be on top of Google rank within a few weeks, all you need to do is find a keyword with a good CPC with products that is search reasonable each month (at least 1500) and with low competition rate. Use strategy that will win the search engine in just a few weeks and you will certainly achieve that goal. Try Google some niche site and do some home work. When you find your niche then it will be better and quicker for you to make money online.

How To Use Codes In Your Blog To Make Money Online

 Blog To Make Money Online
I am about to show you how to make a URL or a websites address clickable:
Place this code into your article: < a href=””> a> then it will make clickable link.
All you need to do is replace your website address into the above code. If you place it exactly as I wrote it then you now know how to link up a website address.
Do you know how to make anchor text. I am assuming that you don’t okay just follow my instructions below and make sure to write down the code exactly the way I have written it.
< a href=””>your website address < /a> if you write it accurately it should work but if you leave out any of these (< / > “ a”) then your anchor link will not work.
This is the code to make your text bold;
Make my words bold< /b> the words between the should become bold.
If you want to make your text italic then here is the code;
Make my words italic and again the words that you put between
In case you want it to be underlined than uses this code exactly the way it is written below;
Make my words underlined

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