Sunday, March 6, 2011

Why people create viruses to harm other people's computer

I really can’t understand why people would want to create virus and send it out so that it will harm other people’s computer. I just don’t know why people would do that kind of thing anyway. Well, my computer had a virus the other day and it keep shutting down my computer every time I tried turning it on. Then out of nowhere an antivirus protection appears on the screen telling me that my computer has been infected and it can clean my computer in seconds I didn’t know what to do so I click on it and it started scanning my computer and it found many viruses I think it was around 30 of them. The minute it finished scanning my computer it tells me to purchase it for only $24.

I think that whoever is sending those viruses are having a difficult time getting their virus program sold. So they send viruses to other people’s computer then their antivirus protection will pop up on your computer for you to purchase it. But I have a feeling that if you purchase it you will lose your money and it’s not going to do what it suppose to do anyway. I think it is a fake program to scam people out of their money. People will do anything to get money now a day especially people from India.

The virus that was on my computer will sometime automatically open a new tab with an advertisement or a home base business program. I thought that the bug could be in my search engine because whenever I start a search it comes up with something different for example if I put (cooking recipe) into the search engine and then press the enter button I will get something totally different from what I had just put in the search bar. Well, I guess we will have to find a way to detect a virus before we unknowingly down load it on our computer wouldn’t that be great! I realized that viruses can come on your computer not only by downloading something on it.. Avast is a very good antivirus protection program but there are others that are much better. I think that the free ones only protect your computer to a certain limit. There are antivirus programs that charge a yearly fee but everybody seems to prefer to use the free ones on their computer why? Because it does the same thing so why pay a yearly fee when you can get it done for free.

To get rid of the virus my boyfriend had to reformat the computer which took a couple of hours. Then he had to install the software all over again like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint even the software for the printer too. Everything had to be reinstalled as a matter of fact. I have to be supper careful not to download anything that looks like it contain a virus because I don’t want to go through all of that again.

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