Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do You Think That Tough Love Is Something We Should Consider Using To Disciplining Your Child?

Do You Think That Tough Love Is Something We Should Consider Using To Disciplining Your Child?

Personally I think that tough love is something that every parent should use to apply discipline to their kids whenever it is necessary. My daughter has a bad habit of over spending she would spend money every foolishly all the time and then she would come crying for me or her grandmother for help. I just abhor the way she uses her grandmother as her personal bank. She uses her grandmother like an ATM machine. She would call her grandmother and ask for money and expect to get it right away. So we decided to teach her how to budget her money.
Although we tried many times to show her how to budget her money by taking out the most important things such as her bills, her rent, food money, and car payment then whatever money she has left should keep her until she receives the monthly money she gets from her  school. I have never used tough love before but I think it was time to harden our hearts a little and show her some tough love. I think that it's one of the hardest thing for a parent do to their child. But sometimes it is necessary to apply it when needed. We have tried countless times to give her motherly advice but all our efforts just seems to past through one ear and out through the other. Parenting is hard work and I am going to tell you why.
 Providing your children with the everyday necessity such as shelter, clothing, and food is more stressful than you can ever imagine and as for their emotional needs which is an entirely different thing all together.
Each child has a different personality and nurturing each child is difficult sometimes. I am tired of spoiling my children by giving them money whenever they ask for it. All parents should reinforce discipline to their children at a very early age.
Punishment is one way to discipline your child for misbehaving and it's very effective than actually using physical action. Let me just remind you that children doesn't come with instructions manuals.

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