Friday, May 27, 2011

These are true testimonials from disabled people who are desperate to be independent

The disabled are crying out for help

I was just happening to be searching the net looking for a job as usual and I came across these testimonials from people who are disabled and are desperate to find a job. How do you feel about disabled people working.Most of them are wondering whether or not to mention that they are in fact disabled. As far I comprehend I wouldn’t advise a disabled person to disclose that information until they actually got an interview even if it’s noticeable meaning that it’s a physical disability such as walking or talking. Well, if it’s not a noticeable disability then you can keep it to yourself but if it’s somehow going interfere with your job at anytime then you should only disclose it to your boss. In that case if any of your co-workers discover your disability by accident then you don’t have to worry about it reaching your boss’s ears……….

I have a "mild" form of Cerebral Palsy, and have a fused hip. Recently (November, 2008), I fell down a flight of stairs which broke the fused hip and resulted in bending the metal pinning’s. Once I was able to walk, though with a noticeable limp, without any assistive aids. Now I have to use either a walker or cane to move short distances, and use a powered wheelchair to travel and move long distances. The question that I have is, should I inform a prospective employer of my condition in my resume, my application, or before I am scheduled for an interview; in particular if the job applied for does not require physical ability? For example, if I applied to work as a teller in a bank; a teacher in a classroom; a person who sales or answers phones; etc.
My name is Lisa Sayre and I'm 36 years old.  I have hypotonia and a language disorder.  I had been working part time at blockbuster for 8 years thank to OVR.  Now I'm looking for something else with OVR help.  Blockbuster isn't doing well I was working 4 days.  Now I'm working just one day a week and I'll stay there until something come along.  I'm looking for a non cashier job, office work that does not care how fast you can type and work for or work with the disability community.

Does anyone out there have Essential Tremor?  If so, what type of work do you do?  Have you had any problems with your employer due to your tremor?  I have Essential Tremor and was wondering if I should bring it up in a job interview or wait until it becomes a problem.  And if I bring it up in a job interview I wonder if this would decrease my chances of getting the job?
I am A disabled Vet that is going to need knee surgery through the VA.  How do you tell an employer that without scaring them to death?  I can go up and down ladders and walk all day at work but at interviews I am worried that I will be looked over due to service injuries. 
I was born w/o my leg or hip.  By law you never have to answer that question, it is illegal.  When I am ready to discuss it, I let them know the truth very matter of fatly and tell them that I know what my limitations are and that I can handle what the job entails.
I have been applying for jobs recently that have standing for long periods of time as one of the main job functions. This is difficult for me as I have an artificial leg and after more than an hour or two my residual limb starts to hurt and gets steadily worse thought the day. My leg is completely covered by long pants, which I always wear for an interview, so my employer wouldn't know unless I tell them. I don't really know when to tell them or even if I should since standing is a part of the job function, and the jobs for which I'm applying can't really be done sitting down. I am speaking of like cashier, food service, retail jobs, which is all I am qualified for at this point. In the past I have just suffered in silence, but I'm wondering if anyone had a suggestion?
How and when to disclose a disability during a job search is a very personal and sensitive matter. The vocational rehabilitation center is a good place a disabled person could start looking for a job. Many of's Service Provider members can provide you advice on questions like this.  One of the best resources is the Job Accommodation Network.  You can visit them at  Click on A-Z of Disabiilities, then on By Topic, and then on Disclosure. If anybody can provide an answer to any of these questions have any more information that can be of help to people who are in this situation please get in contact with me by leaving a comment at the end of this article thank you

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