Thursday, June 23, 2011

5 Websites That You Can Use To Make Money Online With Your Blog

Make money with your blog online

I am going to teach you how to use your blog to generate more revenue. Well I have got the solution for all bloggers. I am going to tell you how to use these sites to generate revenue with your blog. The money may be small but it is better than getting nothing. There are many other sites on the net that you may not have heard of that can actually help you to earn money by using your blog. I have done some research on all five of these websites. But first let me just clear up any doubts that you might have these sites are all legitimate money making sites that are designed to help people who have their own websites or blog to generate an income for them. I am confident that these websites are legit and you can use them to generate some extra money with your blog/website. It all depends on the type of content on your blogs. Firstly, all you are required to do is to open an account with them and you know the best part is they are all 100% free to join isn’t that great!!!  is one of the best pay-per-click (PPC) that is very easy to use. It’s an advertising podium that will help retailers, consumer, and publishers to connect in a more significant way. AffinityClick has a software that automatically matches advertisements contextual link to your website or blog depending on its contents. So if you blog about cars, camera, education or shopping then they will automatically match your blog contents with a photography ads. They have over fifteen million different products from many retailers all around the globe they can choose from. When you sign up with them you will get a code to copy and paste into your blog. is also an online advertising network serving over 2 million monthly and they cater for advertisers and media buyers. Chitika is also a proven channel that targets online consumers and buyers that are qualified. Chitika is very easy to use podium that helps many websites and blog owners to earn daily ad revenues. What is the meaning of Chitilka? Well, Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario are the co-founders of Chitika in 2003. Their customers are able to put up ads given by Chitika on their websites or blogs. You will also receive a code for you to paste into your blog once your account is approved. is a technology that performs real-time semantic analysis your content and also the information on web pages. Their algorithm selects mainly the contextually relevant keywords phrase son each page and then turns them into hyperlinks that are connect all their users to relevant info and for thousands of their advertisers. Kontera in-text ads can be identified when links are marked with double lines. If you put your mouse over the double lines the Kontera ad information will appear immediately. When you click on the double line you will be directed to the advertiser’s sites. As I mention above after they approved your account you will get a code to insert into your blog/website. Kontera publishers normally generate revenue from their content, while the adversities will generate revenue on a Cost-Per-Click basis. has recently integrated with Blogger. This simply means the bloggers can monetize their content just by adding relevant Amazon Associates product to match the contents in their blog post without interfering with the blog’s editing process. If you don’t have an account with Blogger you can open a free account with your Associates ID and start receiving revenue right away.  How this work? Bloggers are allowed to add links and images into their blog post with two very easy steps; bloggers will be able to choose which ads they want in their blog and they are given a choice to pick between text ads or image ads or both. was founded in June 2006 and they have a headquarters in Boulder, Coloradol. The company has a reputation of being the best advertisers with over 17,000 online publishers, content networks, and commercial websites. Lijit enjoy helping their publishers to build business and make more money in the process. There inventive advertising services, and reader engagement tools enable publisher to connect their readers and better able to monetize their site. Services such as:
Advertising Services; providing their publishers with revenue stream to balance existing sales progress and help them to generate more money.
Audience Analytics; gives actionable statistics that will certainly help you to understand your reader and in turn develop better content.
Widgets and also search tools to engage your readers, reduces rebound rates, and also increase the time on your sites.  

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