Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Use Backlink To Gain More Google Rankings

Using backlink is one of the best ways of getting an authority to your pages and this also gives you great the search engines rankings based on the number of sites that links to yours. According to the amount of backlinks that leads to your websites will increase your visibility and you should gradually gain more traffic to your pages. It is very time consuming when you are trying to promote your website but it pays off in the end. There is a certain technique to use for on-page SEO (search engine optimization) such as: using head tags, alt tags on images, keywords density, etc., you can also occupy some off-page SEO. These off-page SEO primarily consist mainly from backlinking. Backlinking is just simply a way to link a web page that points to your site and a very good back link uses anchor test which is classically a keyword phrase that is used for ranking in search engines and so when it is clicked it takes the web surfer to your website.
The search engine will take your backlinks into consideration when calculating the rankings they give to your website/blog. You can consider it as people voting for your website or blog and the more votes you receive then your website or blog will gain more popularity and also your ranking should be higher. The search engines will also consider the ‘weight’ of the backlinks you have gained to your site. For that reason only, Google will assigns a page rank to the websites that it has in its index. When you get backlinks from a site that has high rankings it’s more valuable than a site with a very low ranking. So this goes to show you if you are trying to build backlink for your blog you must link up with a site that has a high ratings value on their page. Remember that it’s a ongoing process so you must be on the lookout for more sites that has a high ranking from Google.
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There are all different sorts of places to gain backlink for your website such as forums signature or by commenting on blog post or even outsourcing. There is a very cool tool called Ultimate Backlink Builder that automatically create about 70 or probably more good backlinks to your site simply by entering the URLs you want to promote and keyword phrases you are targeting along with your email address. It takes only a minute or two to start building your backlink after you click on the start button. Building backlinks for you blog is a lot of hard work but at the end of the day you will be proud of your efforts when you start seeing more traffic coming to your blog or website.

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