Monday, June 20, 2011

How To Use Codes In Your Blog To Make Money Online

 Blog To Make Money Online
I am about to show you how to make a URL or a websites address clickable:
Place this code into your article: < a href=””> a> then it will make clickable link.
All you need to do is replace your website address into the above code. If you place it exactly as I wrote it then you now know how to link up a website address.
Do you know how to make anchor text. I am assuming that you don’t okay just follow my instructions below and make sure to write down the code exactly the way I have written it.
< a href=””>your website address < /a> if you write it accurately it should work but if you leave out any of these (< / > “ a”) then your anchor link will not work.
This is the code to make your text bold;
Make my words bold< /b> the words between the should become bold.
If you want to make your text italic then here is the code;
Make my words italic and again the words that you put between
In case you want it to be underlined than uses this code exactly the way it is written below;
Make my words underlined

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