Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Use Squidoo Directory To Drive Traffic To You Blog/Websites

How to use Squidoo directory to promote your blog

Since Squidoo directory is a very easy to use and it rank very well with all the search engines. It’s has become a very popular article directory tool for most internet marketers. If you are interested in internet marketing then continue reading. There are three simple steps in order to do it successfully.
If you already have an account with Squidoo.com then all you need to do is sign up with ezinearticle.com. Okay whenever you write an article for ezinearticle.com be sure to include a link that leads back to your article that you wrote for Squidoo.com. Remember that both topics should be the same and it must be unique. The strategy is to get people to click on your link and generate more traffic to your articles and at the same time you will gain unique backlinks to your article and also increase your pages rank with Google. As a matter of fact if you do some keyword research before creating an article then your article will rank highly with Google.
Creating inside links between your articles is another strategy that most people don’t normally use. Actually this is a perfect method to use because it will grow your articles and at the same time drive more traffic between all the articles with similar topics. You can do this in order to boost your search engine rankings when you build an effective internal linking structure, which should be much easier to create. Google always adore sites that have an internal linking structure. For example take a look at sites like Wikipedia it has a massive amount of internal linking structure and well known by all the search engines on the internet. This method is widely used by internet marketers to grow their business and drive massive amount of traffic daily to their websites. Remember these things don’t just work overnight it will however take a little time to for your results appear.
You must inform the public about your articles by using regular communications. You can do this by either leaving your URL on forums and/or on your business card. Sharing your articles with social media networks is one of the most effective ways of spreading the word to everyone. Therefore, it should open up a variety of different source of traffic coming to visit your articles. You can promote your blog by pinging it. You will learn that promoting you article to many different article directories will certainly help to drive massive amount of traffic to you blog/website in less time than you think. It will help to generate new customers and leads but one important thing to remember you must keep in touch with all your target market.

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