Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Learn how to track your blog’s performance if you have a account

Blogging on the internet is a full time job especially if you want to use it as your main source of income and the best thing about it is you are able to work from home. You get the opportunity to create a brand and also build relationship with visitors if you post on a regular basis, socializing at social networks and commenting on other blogs. Of course it can be very difficult task to do because so many people are doing it too. If you are lucky you can make money from your blog within a year. However, it can take couple of years to start seeing the results that you are aiming to get. In order to start making money with your blog you need to write valuable post and that my friends will make your visitors keep coming back for more. Do you remember the old saying “give and you shall receive” we’ll take it into consideration when you sign up with the affiliate products programs.
I know that the wait is very long but you have to start building a relationship before you begin to make money online. I was a guilty of that fact too. Okay let’s be realistic here, after putting so much of your time and effort into writing a valuable article for your blog and have it build back links to get more traffic coming in to our blog isn’t easy. I must admit I spent years trying to make some money blogging but I failed time and time again. But I never give up though I kept doing it over and over again until I finally start seeing some improvement at last. Ask yourself this question would it be easier to just write your article and make money quicker without you having to spend countless time to build friendship? And what if you can start a blog and in a few days you start making money right away?
What is it we need to do to start making money online in less than a month? Do we really need Google to make good money online? I recently read an article the other day that all the sites that are on the top page of Google are getting 45 percent of the search traffic from the keywords. Picture yourself dominating Google with your keyword that has at least $2 CPC, if only just monetize that site alone with adsense chances are you’ll be making a very good amount of money each month. If you want to make money online Google is the best place to start. Probably, you are thinking that you will never get your blog on the top page of Google, but you can and in less than a month of starting you blog too.
Let me explain a few things, the main reason most people are finding it very difficult to rank in Google for our chosen keywords it’s because you have choosing the target niche that are either too broad and/or the competition is too high. To be on top of Google rank within a few weeks, all you need to do is find a keyword with a good CPC with products that is search reasonable each month (at least 1500) and with low competition rate. Use strategy that will win the search engine in just a few weeks and you will certainly achieve that goal. Try Google some niche site and do some home work. When you find your niche then it will be better and quicker for you to make money online. for more information on how to use Google Adsense .

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