Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Click to Submit Your Article To Hundreds Of Social Bookmarking Sites

Would you like to submit your article to hundreds of social bookmarking sites with just a single click of your mouse? Get more traffic to your blog or website and also get your article to be indexed by Google in less than a minute….
As a matter of fact there are at least three hundred social bookmarking sites on the internet that many people are using to submit their articles. Well, in order to submit your article you have to add each website on your tool bar one at a time which is time consuming. It is also very time consuming to submit your articles to each and every one of these websites. Instead of down loading each of these websites on your Google tool bar, just sign up with social and you will be able to drag and drop the icon to your tool bar to create a social bookmarking submission tool.
What Will Social Book Marker.Com Do For You?
Well, it will not only submit your articles to over a hundred different social bookmarking site in less than a minute but it will also increase traffic to your blog/websites, Google will index your article and you will also get backlink going to you site as well. It’s a very powerful tool that helps to promote and drives lots of traffics to your blog. makes it much easier for you when submitting your article to hundreds of social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious, Stumble upon, Face-book, My space, and Twitter. The good news is it’s also 100 percent free. Although, social marker runs well with most of the major web browsers it runs best with fire-fox.
How To Use Social Bookmarker.Com?
After you have drag and drop the icon of social bookmarking to your Google tool bar. One click from your mouse is all you need to submit your articles to 50 of the best social bookmarking websites on the net. So all you need to do after creating a free account with them just fill out a simple form with all the information such as the title, url, a summary of your article and your keywords. Then simple click the submit button and look at the left hand corner of your computer screen and you will see which social bookmarking sites your article is being submitted to. You will see the word ‘Done’ when it is completed. Isn’t that great go to and sign up and take advantage of their free service.
How To Get Free Backlinks To Your Blog Or Website
There is another website that offers free backlinks but you will have to sign up for a free account and then they will submit your articles to 25 different article directories with just one single click from your mouse. Keep in mind that this can only be done once per day.  Although, this website is not completely free, you can refer at least 12 people and get your account automatically up graded to premium and then your articles will be submit to 1oo different article directories in less than a minute and it only takes one click of your mouse. You will also get free report for your article, blog, or website. If you want your articles to be submitted to a hundred different social bookmarking websites with one click of the mouse or if you want to get free back link for your site Click here.

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