Spain Farmers Are Assisting The Health Campaign

Although, the producers were blamed for an E.coli epidemic in Germany the Spanish farmers decided to step in and help out by giving Germany over 30 tones of vegetables and fruits on Wednesday to dismiss health fears that was still hurting producers. Yesterday the European Union offered farmers about 150 million euros to help to reimburse all the producers who weren’t able to get their fruits and also their salad vegetables sold for almost two weeks. Miguel Lopez the general secretary of the COAG farmers union stated in the report that “they were trying fob them off with only 150 million (euros) and they lost over 350 million. He said that it was shameful and humiliating.
In the mean time, there were hundreds of farmers stacking their stalls with free produce including tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, water melons, peaches and aubergines. Fruits and vegetables are the two main apparatus of the Mediterranean diet. It is a fact that their diet linked to the lowest rates of heart disease than those established in the northern part of Europe. Mr. Lopez also said that Spain did ensure the safety of its fresh vegetable and fruits and he stated that Spain was one of the world’s biggest exporters. He also stated that he doesn’t understand why fingers were pointed at them because they immediately recognized the farms where it was claimed and there was health problem with cucumbers.
Therefore, all tractability was lost when our producers reached the distribution platform. For many years now we have been complaining to the EU to improve our traceability Mr. Lopez said. 25 Deaths were reported and also more than 2,400 people in 12 countries ill since the epidemic of E.coli, scientist and the German officials have yet to discover source if it. According to the health officials in Hamburg originally said that it was the Spanish cucumbers that was contaminated.
The farmers are now complaining that after they had to uproot plantations and dump or compost perishable goods that they weren’t able to sell they just can’t afford to buy any seeds they needed for planting for the coming summer. Miguel who grows his own cucumbers, cherries and tomatoes on the coast of southern Granada province told the press that the situation is serious and for almost two weeks they haven’t sold anything so they refuse to sell at any price. He said if the situation doesn’t get better soon they are going to wait until autumn before they start planning again.

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